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Answers and cheats to the most popular What’s The Movie games in the app store! We can help you answer all levels to all Whats the Movie apps with these easy solutions.

  • UPDATES May 8: All answers and cheats to Whats The Movie by James Porter for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Find help for over 200 different movie levels based on decade and genre. Below are cheats to all Whats The Movie levels – 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, horror, and comedy. New updates include horror answers and comedy answers.
  • May 2: What’s The Movie? – Guess the Pic Word Game answers have been added to the site for the new movie trivia game by Svetozar Valtchev.
  • May 3: Pic Quiz: Movies Edition Guessing Game cheats have been added for the iOS app by Quicksand Playground.

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